Dear friend Judy,

25 Jun

My heart is full! Let me tell you why.

Ted returned from his expedition to the supermarket with neither the rum nor the sherry he had intended to buy.  I asked him why this was.

‘Eh?’ said Ted, blankly.  (He is enchantingly forgetful sometimes.)  ‘Oh, right, yeah.  They’d sold out.’

Had he given my regards to the kindly Tarquin?  I asked.

‘Er … no, he wasn’t there,’ replied Ted, and then he stumped off to have a shower. (I must say, he was looking rather hot and flushed. The trip to the supermarket had probably tired him.)

And suddenly – oh, joy! – above the noise of the shower, I heard him singing Be My Love in his rich, powerful tenor, in the style of Mario Lanza.

I was deeply moved, my dear Judy, especially when he sang the line about nobody else being able to end his yearning. To have awakened such passion in my rough-diamond Ted that he bursts into song – my heart is filled with pride! I am blessed indeed!

This afternoon, he and I have been watching the first day of Wimbledon.  If Ted has a fault, it is his short attention span. After a few moments he became restless and started stalking round the room with his paws in his trouser pockets, whistling through his teeth. Then he said that in his opinion Wimbledon only gets interesting when the bear men’s doubles are on.

He has now gone back to the supermarket to see if the new stocks of rum and sherry have arrived.

He is so kind, to keep running errands like this.

Your affectionate friend Stephen


One Response to “Dear friend Judy,”

  1. Lorraine Gouland June 30, 2012 at 4:21 pm #

    What a sweet trusting soul you are, Stephen. Ted is a very lucky bear.

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